The team and the mission

Created by four young professionals passionate about design who already have meaningful careers and lives, Maison Leva was born from a desire to develop a project that would not only animate them, but allow them to be able to give back to different communities and thus raise awareness to different issues.

Maison Leva is an online and physical intentional design store.
“Intentional” because it's an intentional selection of high-quality furniture, decorative objects and lifestyle items that come from companies prioritizing good social values. We want to encourage people to make more conscious purchases.

By purchasing your furniture, your decorations, the items that brighten and beautify your life, as well as the gifts for those you love with us, you automatically give back to four different foundations. We donate 5% of our profits to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, Opération Enfant Soleil, Dans la rue and Destabyn. And rest assured, this money comes out of our pockets and not yours!

Thank you for participating in this movement of more conscious consumption, we and many people in precarious situations are very grateful to you!

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7553 St-Hubert Street

Montreal, Quebec

H2R 2N7


514 548 3422


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